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JayBee is a performing artist, singer, model, event host, twin, girlfriend, inspirational speaker, author, stylist, and last but definitely not the least this 28 year old Compton native has been a cancer survivor for two years.  JayBee educated me on the lack empathy she's experienced since being diagnosed and how the struggle never ends.  
I wanted to put her in the Duafe tank because it symbolizes feminine beauty, which JayBee embodies in every way.  No doubt, she's beautiful inside and out.  Her positive energy, upbeat personality, confidence, and unique style are unwavering.  I'm pretty sure we talked for a whole hour, effortlessly, before we even thought about working on this blog.  She recently wrote a book, Straight Outta Chemo- A Fight for Love and Life, but she needs our help to publish and share her experience with the world.  So please, go to her website and donate so she can continue to empower others through her artwork (link below).  
This 'fit features the LA RAW Duafe tank, Watu joggers, and Kente Bomber Jacket.  We added a pop of color with JayBee's red Pumas and hat.  Her jewelry includes earrings that were literally $1 from Santee Alley and her own choker.  This look has a nice combination of masculine and feminine energy.  If you ever want to make an outfit a little more feminine, just add jewelry.  
I love how the jacket looks like a cape in this photo.  She needs a cape, because she is definitely a super woman.

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