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Important words to live by and Shelley Bruce's professional mantra.
In this post, Shelley is wearing the LA RAW Watu Bra Top and Black Midi Pencil Skirt; both pieces are available in our online shop.  We paired these pieces with a black fedora, wire framed glasses, strappy heels and gold jewelry to complete her funky yet ladylike look.  
The artist currently known as Shelley Bruce continues to empower others through various forms of artistic expression.  She combines art and social action to create work that is socially relevant and needed by the community.  Shelley began painting at age thirteen and since then, has managed to develop her artistry into a career.  Her paintings are filled with life, color, and beauty; much like Shelley.  In person, Miss Bruce radiates positivity and confidence, which is empowering in and of itself.  Her commitment to self love is evident in her work and personal life.  Quite simply, she's a force to be reckoned with.  
In addition to making our bra top look fly, she's also a 2011 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with two degrees in Ethnic Studies and Art; downtown Pomona’s Arts Colony has provided a platform for Shelley to explore various forms of expression. She has featured poetry at numerous shows, curated and organized events geared towards social activism, but most notably has traveled to Washington DC, New York, Ghana, The UK, and Bermuda sharing her painting. Live painting is what she is inspired by most, creating art for audiences of weddings, university programs, concerts and more. Shelley was also the founding Art Director of the Prison Education Project (July 2011-2013). 
Currently Shelley is pursuing her art career full-time with a focus on conceptual painting, spoken word poetry, spirituality and community engagement.  Check out her website to see her work and keep updated on her future projects.



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