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LA RAW production takes place in the fashion district of Los Angeles, California.  We hand pick every fabric, trim, and detail of our merchandise.  And we do it as a family!  Kingston (our son) has been a huge part of the production process.  Kingston loves to get mango from the fruit lady before we stroll around downtown; shopping and checking on manufacturing.  Our African fabric supplier squeals with joy everytime he comes in.  She lets him run around and play with her fabric.  He becomes mesmerized by the bold colors and intricate patterns. Our children have inspired so much of this collection and business that we can’t help but include them in the process.      
It’s our mission to provide the best quality merchandise for our customers. The African fabric we use is 100% authentic from Ghana and has the guarantee of never fading.  Our manufacturer is in Los Angeles as well and no production is outsourced.  We have built relationships with everyone we do business with and are proud to report that they are all honest, hardworking individuals who genuinely love us, our brand, and especially Kingston.  Our inside tags state, “Made in Downtown Los Angeles by the Homies”, and we mean it.  


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