LA RAW x The Black Noise

May 01, 2017, 0 comments, on FASHION

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The men of The Black Noise wear our clothing so effortlessly well.  Donovan (right) is rocking "The Gentlemen" shirt with all black.  Pairing black with patterns allows the pattern to stand on its own as a statement piece.  Victor (left) is wearing the full black dashiki set for men.  We styled him with a classic white high top converse that matches the retro feel of the bomber jacket and above-the-knee shorts.  The black on black look really works with these pieces because it maintains a subtleness that prints don't usually convey.  Their looks are funky but classic at the same time... pretty much like The Black Noise.
I remember the first time I saw The Black Noise play was at an intimate show in Long Beach.  I fell in love with their sound and energy.  I was immediately a fan and kind of wondered where they had been all life.  Their music made me dance but also feel some kind of way.  Their unique sound pulls from a lot of different influences, so it's no wonder they are one of the most popular bands in Long Beach.  You can listen to their latest album on Spotify and Itunes.  They are constantly performing and creating, so check out their website and follow them on social media for show updates (link below).

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