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Men's Fall Edition

By Cheik Kone, 11/19/2014 - 14:06

Chaz + Jarae || Men's Fall Edition

Model: Kaymar Haye - creator/co-owner/photographer/designer

Styled by Chaz

This look is the perfect combination of sporty and dapper.

What makes it sporty? The RAW buckle back, bright suit color, and the sneaker sole on his suede oxfords. This outfit was inspired from the shoes, actually. I thought they were a great representation of dressy casual: beige suede oxfords with a sneaker bottom. The shoes are Mr. B's which is a higher end diffusion label from Aldo. If you try pairing a baseball hat with a suit, remember to choose one that is minimal like this black and white LA RAW hat. The hat ties in the black and white while adding a casual element to the entire outfit.

What makes it dapper? The suit... Duh. But also the black and white LA RAW shirt does something for this suit that a solid shirt just wouldn't do. The suit can be found at H&M (probably not this same exact one) which is a great place to buy slim fitted suits that are inexpensive, fashion forward, and surprisingly well-made (Ps the Beverly Center and South Coast plaza get the best suits). Don't be afraid of trying a bright color suit as long as the cut is current. All of the pieces work so well together without one overbearing the other. I can see this being a perfect outfit for a day wedding.

Happy Dressing,