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About Us

Who is LA R.A.W.

LA R.A.W. was first created by Kaymar Haye and Efehi Ogbebor while they were attending Cal Poly Pomona. They felt their views and opinions were missing in the world of fashion. They created graphic tees, a magazine, a website, and hosted events. LA R.A.W. was well received from the beginning and the interest among consumers continues to grow. In 2011, Kaymar and Efehi teamed up with Cheik Kone and Chaz Dennis to improve LA R.A.W. in technology advances and fashion direction. In 2013, LA R.A.W. revamped their concept by developing a cut and sew line, new graphic tee-shirts, two websites, and a vintage line. Now, in 2014, they have succeeded in bringing their concepts to life with the re-release of their website, clothing line, and magazine.

LA R.A.W. stands for the revolutionary African wear based in Los Angeles, California. The clothing line reflects a unique blend of streetwear graphics with well made tailored pieces, designed from a pan-African viewpoint. The publication aims to give people of color a voice in music, art, fashion, and news. Similar to the magazine "Fire!" during the Harlem Renaissance which showcased black writers. We celebrate life while paying homage to those who fought and died for our freedom. The struggle isn’t over; we’re here to give it a voice.

“Our problem is to conceive, develop, establish an art era. Not white art painting black. Let’s bare our arms and plunge them deep through laughter, through pain, through sorrow, through hope, through disappointment, into the very depths of the souls of our people and drag forth material crude, rough, neglected. Then let’s sing it, dance it, write it, paint it. Let’s do the impossible. Let’s create something transcendentally material, mystically objective. Earthy. Spiritually earthy. Dynamic.” –Aaron Douglas